Friday, 25 January 2019

Root Checker Apk 6.4.5 Free Download For Android

 rooting means the process of allowing Smartphone users to attain privileged control over various Android sub-systems. Rooting of your phone is essential to use certain apps. You will get many apps to check your phone rooting. Among them, Root checker is the best of the best application. Rooting Android smartphones are now emerging as a new trend. Every android user tends to root their Android mobile devices with any rooting software and customizes the device. But a doubt remains consistent whether the rooting is successful or not. Although at the end of the rooting process rooting software may display the rooting is successful. But we need to clarify this. So we need to download RootChecker Apk to check whether rooting is successful. This app provides the user with a simple method to check their device for root (administrator, superuser, or su) access. Users can know whether or not they have properly setup root (superuser) access. There might be difficulties in installing, configuring, and gaining root access. By using this app, users can verify whether root access is functioning quickly and correctly. Sometimes, confirming root access is known by other terms such as, gaining superuser access or gaining administrator access. Rooting your android device can unleash lots of amazing features and capabilities. You can read more about it in our article.


  1. Root checker gives you a 100% accurate result. It employs proven methods to verify the rooting of a device and gives you the precise result.
  2. This app also comes with a share button with which you can share your root data with your friends.
  3. You will get all data related to your device rooting and other technicalities related to rooting
  4. This version will give you advanced root Checker Apk result related to your device rooting
  5. Give an advanced guidance list for each device state which you cannot get on basic version.
  6. There is a widget through which you can constantly monitor device state.
  7. You can use this app without any advertisements if you still experience any ads install lucky patcher to get rid of it.
  8. Determines busyBox installation status and applet support.

How to Download Root Checker Apk?

Now you can download the latest and updated version of best Root Checker Apk download on your Android and Tablets. The most version of this Rooting app tool is freely available to download as well as this application is always a free tool. No export is required to download this application on your device it is so easy to download every person. We can provide official site downloading link to download so you can follow the downloading link to download the app. Click to blue download link to automatically download on your device.

App information:

Name: Root Checker APK
Developer: joeykrim
Category: Tools
Format: APK

Current: v6.4.5
Price: Free


                                                       Download 9.4Mb
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