Thursday, 27 December 2018

AndroRat APK v1,2 Free Download For Android

The Latest and updated version of AndroRate APK here to download on your Android phone, The name of AndroRate is a mix of Android and RAT (Remote Access Tool). The goal of this application is to give control of the Android system remotely and retrieve information from it. This simple tool allows you to get hold of all the personal information on an Android device. We are introducing to you an innovative app that assures the security of the device. Consequently, people use this tool to hack the Android systems. Although, they never developed the app with this particular intention. Androrat is a client-server application, and it is written in Java, you know the Android itself written in Java. You need to install the application on the victim mobile phone, and at the same time, it should be installed on the hacker's computer, as a server-side application.
The Androrat Binder APK which should be installed on the victim mobile phones is called client-side application, Androrat. And the application that should be installed in hackers computers, in this case, you, is called server-side application Androrat.

Features of AndroRat APK:

  1. Once you will install the app on your phone then you can easily get all these features amoung with your App.
  2. You can get the contact list and contact information on the mobile phone.
  3. Ca vibrate the phone using the application on your computer.
  4. Get call logs easily; call history with all contact number.
  5. Send SMS to the number
  6. Get the location using GPS/network
  7. Monitoring the live calls
  8. The sound from the live streaming
  9. Having a picture using the mobile phone camera
  10. You need to have a computer or desktop
  11. Must be installed Jave on that computer, where you are going to install Androrat server application.
  12. A wireless router and the internet connection with fast speed.

How to Download AndroRat Apk?

Now you can download the latest and updated version of AndroRat Official Apk download on your Android and Tablets. The most version of this Hacking app tool is freely available to download as well as this application is always a free tool. No export is required to download this application on your device it is so easy to download every person. We can provide official site downloading link to download so you can follow the downloading link to download the app. Click to blue download link to automatically download on your device.

App information:

Name AndroRat APK
Developer: DDT
Category:   Tools
File Type:  APK
Supported: os Android
Version: 1.2
Price: Free
 Download Link>> Download

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